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Our Values

Who We Are?
We are a curator of fine grocery and gourmet from all around India and the world. We go to great lengths to procure the best produce and revel in delighting the customer by presenting them in a unique way.
We believe in authencity. We take great care in ensuring that only the finest, purest and often the most natural of merchandise passes through our hands and onto our customers.
We believe that customers appreciate the high quality and value that we offer and don’t hesitate in paying premium prices for the same.
We believe that such customers should be truly pampered by a delightful experience whenever and wherever they come across us.
We believe that our employees partners and vendors should grow with us and reap the benefits of their efforts in associating with us.
Where Do We Want To Be?
We want drawing on our experience in customer facing retail, to reach more such discerning customers in Chennai and Bangalore through a vibrant Omni Channel approach of destination flagship experience stores, mall gourmet stores, high street delis, stand-alone kiosks and E-commerce.
We want our customers to enjoy a truly experience as they savour freshly baked bread, crafted beer in house, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice and blends, fine and rare estate wines, gourmet snacks, meals served straight from heart, tea and coffee rooms and lessons from our state of the art studio kitchens at our destination experience stores.
What We Offer?
Through our store and e-commerce platforms, we want to offer our range of merchandise including a wide variety of fresh organic, bio-dynamic and natural fruit and vegetable produce, cold-pressed juices, chocolates, gourmet foods, exotic flowers, dates and honeys, pure oils, lifestyle products and ready to consume food and desserts.
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